Savvy King Ep 12: Breathing Speaks A Thousand Emotions

Savvy King Ep 12: Breathing Speaks A Thousand Emotions

If you Do Not want to find out what happened in Episode 12 of High School King of Savvy, then proceed No Further.

However, if you want to re-live the giddy happiness and sinus-inducing ending scene of Episode 12, then you may proceed.

If you don’t give a hamster’s ass about consequences of watching this drama haphazardly, then hell yeah, proceed XD



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Savvy King OST - Finding Myself by Seo In Guk

Savvy King OST – Finding Myself by Seo In Guk

OMO! So Sweet! <3 <3 <3

Will be watching Ep 11 between my fingers, and hugging my well-used cushion soon! XD


Now I don’t know from when or from where
Maybe all of this is what I wanted
At some point, without knowing, I’m getting used to everything
I am wandering inside my mixed up thoughts

What can i do
I don’t know…

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Fated to Love this Drama!

Fated to Love this Drama!

Happy with my Mon-Tues drama fix (thanks tvN, for Savvy King :) ), I cautiously tested the waters with the new Wed-Thurs offerings on all South Korean major broadcasting networks as well as the Independent broadcasters. The former have proven to be little juggernauts who can pull the rug under the Big Boys when they least expect it.

The industry was abuzz when news first broke out about the…

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Wow. Fantastic Baby! - Street Dance Studio White Hat

Meet Street Dance Studio White Hat, or also known as (by my definition) Trio of Amazeballs :)

These incredibly talented girls are On-Point, On-Swag, and On-A-Roll!!
I am agog at the energy they project and their ability in sustaining it throughout their performance.
And they’re probably under 15 too! o_O

I am jealous of their tremendous Core Strength… brace yourselves at 2:00 mark…


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Drop That Beat: Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier - AEAO

A definite nod to the old school groove, AEAO shares a message of overcoming hardships in life with the support of loved ones. Gaeko’s clean staccato raps and Choiza’s lyrical spits make this song one of their prominent tracks.

On another note, it would’ve been mind-blowing if they carried the stop motion concept throughout the actual MV.
Alas, it was only for the teaser…

Wind down the windows,…

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Upcoming Release: Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier - AEAO

Teaser: Dynamic Duo & DJ P


This is such a throwback to the awesome era when marionette shows reigned supreme!

You’re nodding your head right now when I mention Captain Scarlet or Stingray or Joe 90.
Amirite, peeps? Wink, wink :D

Looking at this sneak peek, they’ve brought the Swag in the art of stop motion.

I can’t wait for the release of this MV in full!


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