The Three Musketeers Ep3: Phantom from the Past

The Three Musketeers Ep3: Phantom from the Past

This country will be on the brink of another war. There is No one who knows how to defend this nation. What will you do?
What can you do?


DH manages to to escape the onslaught of arrows and even his trusted horse helped gallop away from the army with DH hanging on for dear life on the protected side of the saddle. That maneuver hoodwinked the army into thinking that the horse ran away…

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Upcoming KDramas September 2014 Pt 2

Upcoming KDramas September 2014 Pt 2

Iron Man:


Ouch o_O

A drama about a man (Lee Dong Wook) whose mind is full of hurt. And when the pain overwhelms him, blades will spike  all over his body. A woman (Shin Se Kyung) with a bright personality tries to heal his wounded mind and allow him to grow as a man.

Man. This sounds painful. No back hugs nor frontal ones for this namja… just in case…

Takes over Joseon Gunmen’s slot.


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Fated To Love You: T-2 to Finale

Fated To Love You: T-2 to Finale

Sigh… I just can’t stop smiling :D

JH is such a cheeky guy :D The way he controls that Roomba is how Geonnie would’ve sneaked on MY!

In the short interview with JH he basically says how the drama is nearing its end and that everyone has given so much love to make sure they wrap up with a bang (but you can also sense the sadness…

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Upcoming KDramas September 2014

Upcoming KDramas September 2014

Whoa. September is just round the weekend? Still remember feeling a wee bit perplexed that February crept on me when I still felt as though 2014 just nudged in o_O
The Spring Day of My Life:


The successor to Fated To Love You’s slot, MBC gives us a Melo/ Romance Drama about Lee Bom-Yi (Sooyoung) received heart transplant and a man, Kang Dong-Ha (Kam Woo-Sung) a rancher.

A single parent,…

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Fated To Love You Ep 18: What. A. Comeback!!

Fated To Love You Ep 18: What. A. Comeback!!

Three restless years of unresolved misunderstandings, noble idiocy and misplaced presumptions (and festering guilt) were obliterated with the reveal of Geonnie’s heartbreaking vulnerable videos to his future self.

It took one gutsy lady to race to him and stay by his side, come what may.



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