Fated To Love You Ep 18 Preview

Fated To Love You Ep 18 Preview







Preview ep 18

Geon is at the press conference, delivering his speech and bowing to the audience with tears in his eyes. MY interrupts him and he looks at her, surprised. She then joins him onstage and he almost can not believe his eyes, all before the reporters who must be enjoying the show.  Likely to be MY’s admission of knowing LG’s heart, the cute couple hug on stage, before God and…

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Fated To Love You Ep 17: One Word For You - OMO!

Fated To Love You Ep 17: One Word For You – OMO!

Do we get boulders of guilt upended, and misunderstandings expunged from the realm of LG and MY? It’s Episode freakin’ Seventeen already! And I do not want to see Happy, Sexy and Cute crammed into the last 15 minutes of the FINALE. ARASSO Writer-nim? :o

Face-off, well, Mask-off, and they face each other in MY’s studio, with Le Soupir tucked safely by LG’s side. Does he finally say the whole…

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Song Ga Yeon: Welcome To Your Real Future

Song Ga Yeon: Welcome To Your Real Future


Song Ga Yeon is the latest member of SBS’ Room Mate to leave the show following Park Bom and Lee Sora. It is also rather uncanny that the three of them were literally Bedroom-Mates and their amiability towards each other seemed genuine.

The earlier episodes of this reality show was quite promising, as it entered a time slot that was previously dominated by another SBS’ major show called KPop…

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FTLY: Verging on Zombie-Shooting Mode

FTLY: Verging on Zombie-Shooting Mode

I feel like the entire world is on a rabid craze for anything Fated To Love You, any news bit especially on Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara (I’m a happy camper of the former :D ) is scoured by resourceful fans. But as the finish line gets closer at the end of this angsty tunnel, cast and crew are running on empty to deliver the goods.
cr: DC

JN patiently queues for dinner with the rest.  Photo cr: DC

That better be cawfee, honey!  Photo cr: DC


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Fated To Love You Ep 17 Video Preview

Fated To Love You Ep 17 Video Preview



Will update with translations later.

Rough take: Daniel finds out about LG’s condition and he realizes that LG affection towards MY has been sincere all this while. MY is holding the recorder (which LG left his thoughts for his lawyer before the accident happened?). LG caves in to the Board’s request (?) to step down from his CEO…

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Fated To Love You Ep 17 Written Preview

Fated To Love You Ep 17 Written Preview



MY decides to leave Korea immediately. But she learns the fact that LG was alone (ie remained single) for 3 years and it lingers in her mind…

Daniel doesn’t know what to feel about the fact that LG has hereditary disease, and SeRa meets MY again. Translation cr: Gumi of Soompi Forum (Kamsahamnida!)

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Fated To Love You: One Day and Counting…

Fated To Love You: One Day and Counting…

We need to have overflowing <3 <3 <3 in this home stretch towards the finale next week. 제발 :o

video cr: lemonlimetea (Kamsahamnida! Beautiful video too!)

And for the diehard fans who are trying hard not to cry buckets this week:


Photo stream cr: ruzikie of soompi forum (Kamsahamnida!)

How is it possible I find Jang Hyuk…

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The Three Musketeers Ep2: Begin the Beguine

The Three Musketeers Ep2: Begin the Beguine

Sam! Chongsa! CROSS!!


Crown Princess paces worriedly in the garden, knowing that DH had participated in the Military Service exam under conditions placed by her husband. It was because of the letter she wrote to DH 5 years ago that DH is in such predicament. How did he fare? Her maid-in-waiting rushes to her side, explaining that DH had caused such ruckus by hitting a real horse rather than…

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